My Life in Senior High

Music and drama have definitely become my life this year. 2 of my class hours are singing classes, and I am in our school’s musical and one-act play. This high school has 4 grades, 9-12, and about 1200 students.

  • What are your favorite classes?
  • What is your least favorite class?
  • Got any good “mean teacher” stories?



Here are a couple words that made me say “what?” when I saw them:

  • Dithyramb > a Greek choral song or chant of wild character and of usually irregular form, originally in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus.
  • Holus-bolus >altogether.
  • Mundify > to purge or purify, to cleanse.

Did you know that the amount of money you earn in your lifetime is related to the size of your vocabulary? Decades of research by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, an independent, nonprofit scientific research and educational organization, confirm that income and vocabulary size are correlated. Think of every word you add to your vocabulary as being like a deposit you make in your bank account. A powerful vocabulary allows you to express your thoughts clearly and precisely. It enhances the impression you make at job interviews. For better or worse, people will make judgments about you based on the size of your vocabulary and how accurately you use words. Doesn’t it make sense to turn your vocabulary into an asset, a tool that works for you?

As the school year approaches…

Squirrel School starts on August 18th. I haven’t seen my squirrel friends for some time, so I am very excited! Here are some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite subject?
  • What’s your least favorite subject?
  • How bad is your cafeteria food?
  • Do you have more mean teachers than nice teachers?
  • Do you have more nice teachers than mean tecahers?
  • Do you like school?



CIY (Christ in Youth) is an intense convention (for incoming 9th-outgoing 12th graders) that happens at different places all around the US. This was my first year at CIY, and I was really excited because I had heard about all the life-change that had happened there.

Throughout my time at CIY last week, I learned some pretty key things that will shape the rest of my life:

  • The first one is that I don’t have to act like I’m a perfect Christian, because everyone is imperfect and God accepts me as I am, a sinner who screws up and is not perfect, because Christ died for me on the cross to rescue me from Hell because of my sin.
  • God really loves me. More than I could even imagine.
  • God will meet me, if I meet him.
  • I also learned about the power of prayer and scripture to get closer to God. It may sound cliche, but it’s the truth. Just reading your bible and talking to God helped me overcome a lot of my problems!

If you are going to be an incoming 9th grader to and outgoing senior next summer, I definitely recommend going to and checking it out!


it has been a LONG time since I have blogged! But, I guess, I do have an excuse. And that excuse is summer. Ahhh, summer, when you get to stay up late and sleep in… unless you are an overachiever in summer school. I’m taking 9th grade Am. History in summer school, so I can take Speech and Theater in 9th grade next August. So, waking up at 7 has become the norm this summer.

Another thing I’m doing this summer is called CIY. CIY stands for Christ In Youth, and it is like a big conference of faith for teens across the US. I am really excited, because it has transformed other people’s lives around me that have gone before. This is my first year I can go!

Happy Summer!

-Marshall the Insane Squirrel

One Two Three!

The game is on …. The game is on ….

Here are the instructions:
■click on a blog on the student list – count one
■now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
■finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three
Leave a comment on an interesting post at this blog.

The first blog I went to had a post called Green. It was an expression of how much someone loves the color green. I found it very interesting; onward!

The second blog I went to had a post called Retelling the I am the Messenger Novel. It talks about the important events of  a book. On to the next one!

The third blog I went to had a post called Future?. It was about the future of his inquiry. This was an exciting ride through the web!

-Marshall the Insane Squirrel

Who is a smartypants? a.k.a. Who can use Google?

I am having problems with my homework. Does anyone know:

  • Where the Thames is located?
  • What the city closest to Hull, Iowa is?
  • Where in the world is Timbuktu?
  • How many feet deep is the Grand Canyon?
  • Where was the first place the Beatles performed?
  • How old Martin Luther King, Jr. was when he died?


-Marshall the Insane Squirrel

A Sentence in Pictures.

I Enjoyeating pi

This picture sentence should NOT, in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, make you think that I like eating pie. I absolutely hate pie. Pie is for little old grandma squirrels.*

-Marshall the Insane Squirrel

*This is a lie. Pie is for everyone of all ages. I love pie. 🙂

My Top Ten App List.

Here is my list and how they could help me at school:
  1. Facebook –Social Networking –Help me interact with others.
  2. Pandora –Radio –Help stimulate my brain.
  3. Netflix –Movie Watching Network –Watch documentaries on pressing issues.
  4. Olive Tree Bible+ –Religious Book –Help stimulate my spiritual life so I can be the best at school.
  5. Kindle –Books –Help grow my vocabulary.
  6. Rosetta Stone –Languages –Help me learn different languages.
  7. iPhrase Book –Travel –Help me learn different languages.
  8. FOX News –News –Help me keep up on current events in society.
  9. NPR Radio –Radio –Keep me informed and educated.
  10. Plants vs. Zombies –Game –Keep me entertained!

-Marshall the Insane Squirrel