Digital Dossier

Challenge 2: A digital dossier is a digital collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject (usually a person’s record.)

Digital dossiers are everywhere for anyone who signs up for Facebook, writes a comment,or signs into online games.

Some of my personal dossier facts:

  • Facebook Account
  • OfficeWorld on Facebook
  • Midwest Spelling Bee qualifiers
  • Xxxxxx Public Library’s summer reading program

Another question was: do you fill in more than the asterisked (required) questions when registering?

The answer to this is sometimes. It depends on what I’m signing up for, but now that I know about my digital dossier, I might think twice!

-Marshall the Insane Squirrel

PS: Today is my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday Donald Gonzales!

13 thoughts on “Digital Dossier

  1. I like the idea of “dossier” as much as I like the “footprint”.

    Very often people will ask for “docs” to authenticate something.

    Very thoughtful post, Squirrel!

  2. Adelaide:

    Why thank you! I often try to incoporate thought into my posts. 🙂

    I share your idea. People do often want to document things, to make it “official.”

    -Marshall the Insane Squirrel

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  4. hi squirrel,

    i am loving your blog… thanks to your polls I am now warned to the terrifiying fact that more people would prefer to meet lady gaga than the buddha this means I can now take the neccesary precautions…

    cool blog, here is mine

  5. Marshall,
    Remember to create an avatar and then upload it to your blog as both a blog avatar and a user avatar. Then when you leave a comment, your visitors will see the handsome looks of the Insane Squirrel.

  6. Miss W:

    I forgot to put my Voki widget on my page! My bad. Okay, it should be over there now ->

    Marshall the Insane Squirrel.

  7. Maya,

    Thank you! I also find this fact… somewhat… disturbing, but it’s predictable based on her widespread popularity. 🙂

    -Marshall the Insane Squirrel

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  12. Donald is not from a country; he was born on Mars. 🙂
    Actually, me and my brother are both from a language-speaking country, if that helps at all.

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